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About Us | Velopilot Cycling Apparel

About Us

Velopilot are committed to the highest quality cycle clothing. We mission is to focus on the highest quality in materials, design and construction, without compromise. All of our gear is made in New Zealand, using the best wool from high mountain merino herds, and benefitting from unparalleled expertise in merino garment manufacture, stretching back over 80 years.

Velopilot has been formed from three key ingredients. The first being a lifetime of cycling experience. For as long as we can remember, we have been riding bikes: competing, riding for fun, commuting, touring and traveling the world! Secondly,  a  (more than) twenty year history in cycle events, which has brought us into contact with thousands of active and enthusiastic cyclists, and given us a fundamental understanding of who rides bikes and what they want. And finally a drive to create new things. Coming up with new ideas and pioneering new formats for events was bound to cross over into a completely new project sooner or later!

We don’t just want to sell off the shelf, badged up stock though. Our love of cycling stems from a passion for the great outdoors, so we’ve always believed that what you wear is as important as the bike you ride. So we wanted to create something genuinely unique, and of the highest quality. That’s why we found the best producers in New Zealand, the heartland of the merino wool industry, to work with, learn from and develop new ideas.

This is just the beginning of our mission. Our first base layer will be available this spring, followed shortly after by our first jersey, and we’re working on and testing out new and interesting ideas to expand our range. It’s going to be a great flight!